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星光七: 藝人合唱预测 Predictions of Xing Guang Da Dao Season 7 (Duet with Artiste)

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Hello all my friends who chanced onto this blog using search engines. Your Average Critic has reached one important milestone of half a thousand views since the blog started less than one month ago. With that, I have decided to come out with a special entry for Xing Guang Da Dao (to compensate for this week’s lack of update since no episode is shown). This entry will be about predicting how the duet with artiste will turn out!

Della 丁噹 (Ding Dang)

This girl once appeared on Xing Guang PK and got herself shot to fame with Wo Shi Yi Zhi Xiao Xiao Niao 我是一隻小小鳥. Known now for her thick vocals that can hit high notes with no pitching problem, sources revealed that she will be paired with Jess Lee 李佳薇 (Li Jia Wei). Both of them are powerhouses, and can tackle huge songs.


Jess Lee’s strength is on explosive English Classics that can showcase her wide vocal range. (Even though I will gladly pick her exquisite Chinese songs anytime over these English Classics). Recommended- All By Myself

So with the both of them paired together, expect them to choose a song that requires high technique and it will definitely be sprinkled with high notes and loud voices. As much as this duet will be interestingly like a PK between both iron ladies, I do foresee the performance to be rather one-sided (like someone will definitely outshine the other) and end up spoiling the duet effect.

Taking no consideration of the songs they are going to pick, I predict Jess getting somewhere around 23-24.

Olivia Ong

Olivia once made her mark in Japan with her remakes of English songs that are calm, serene and elegant. She then became a frequent guest in Taiwan Talk Show Kang Xi Lai Le 康熙来了 and occasionally coming to Xing Guang and challenge contestants. The highlight? A full mark performance – I Feel The Earth Move.
My guess is that she will be paired with Erika because of the similarity in the genres they like to tackle.

Erika’s strength is on English Jazz Songs like Summertime which she received the first 29m out of the possible 30 in Xing Guang at the earlier stages.

Even though both of them are my personal favourites, my guess is that the both of them will come out with a performance that is within expectations and that is about it. There will hardly be any surprises and they will play safe. Hopefully there will be surprise or I predict 20-23m.

Anthony Neely 倪安東 (Ni An Dong)

Anthony was a complete nobody when he came to challenge Season 5’s contestants. He aced ballads by performing in his own style. His trademark is not about showing off his vocal techniques but rather letting listener’s heart soak into his emotions. He is also the much hyped contestant that scored 33/25m with his rendition of The Bowler’s Daughter

It is very probably that he will be partnering Pink Tan 陳珂冰(Chen Ke Bin) after the confession from Pink some episodes ago. Pink’s strength lies on her unique phrasing and her ability to make songs into her own. Watch Saving All My Love For You to understand why.
In my opinion, this is going to be a very sweet ballad which is supported by strong and stable vocal techniques. I’m expecting a diabetic performance which can make us go awwwww. I predict around 26m for this.

Terry Lin 林志炫 (Lin Zhi Xuan)

Terry is one helluva singer. Just one sentence from him and its like the song is complete. There is both techniques and emotions in every line he sings and the every note is stamped with his name but guess what? I think his personality sucks Hahaha Extremely showy even though we all can’t deny he is good. Watching this performance, I am sure his superb pitching will scare you.
I feel like 11 Year Old (or rather now 12) Chang Jia Ning 常佳寧 will be paired with him in hope there is some special chemistry. Her raw sincere singing as seen in 旋木 Xuan Mu coupled with his matured and confident style will mix well and I feel he will be able to give her some valuable advice in this probable duet. (Hehe, In addition, she is too young to have much opinions so he can manipulate her to sing the way he wants haha)

If the both of them are paired, I believe getting a high score of around 27m will be of no problem.

Tiger Huang 黄小琥 (Huang Xiao Hu)

Tiger Huang is the Queen of Pub in Taiwan. She has one of the richest vocal in the Taiwan music industry and her voice is so unique because its really masculine in a feminine way. She performed many times in Xing Guang ( like this) and has always aced in live performances.

My guess is that she will be paired with Sun Xiao Liang 孫曉亮 after his heartfelt rendition of her song . Sun Xiao Liang is one contestant that balances vocal tone, techniques and emotions very well so with Tiger guiding him, I believe they will do pretty well. And her songs seem to fit him quite well like 沒那麼簡單 Mei Na Me Jian Dan.

Also, recognizing that Tiger is one of the most respected vocalist around, I believe with a possible solid delivery and some reputation she holds, getting above 25 shouldn’t be a problem.

Nicholas Teo 張棟樑(Zhang Dong Liang)

Nicholas Teo is an average singer. Above average looks, distinct vocal tone but average singing techniques. I have to admit his vocal tone is easy to make people get involved in sad soppy songs like 錯了再錯 Cuo Le Zai Cuo though.

I will pair him with Hu Huai Lang 胡淮浪 because they both are categorized in the same group- have looks but average singing. Hu Huai Lang is improving nowadays and he finally found what he did best – more manly rock songs e.g 火燒的寂寞 but I don’t feel its enough to make this pair an edge over the other pairs.
Somewhere around 20m will be fine and yes, Hu Huai Lang overstayed.

Freya Lin Fan 林凡

Freya has great emoting ability and has always been able to allow what she feels flow through naturally in her song. With the all-time favourite K Song 一個人生活 (Yi Ge Ren Sheng Huo) in her bag, many has already recognized her singing skills. Not only that, the recent 30m she received in Xing Guang is enough to prove her presence already. (P.s- I found one nice rendition of 一個人生活 that has the loneliness controlled at optimal level instead of letting it gush out too directly… Kang Kang 康禎庭 (Kang Zhen Ting)’s rendition)

I believe she will be paired with Wu Si Ai 舞思愛. Wu Si Ai has always been acing in her aboriginal songs such as 鬼湖之戀 but she needs to break out of that because there isnt much market for that. Hence I believe a duet with Freya will allow to her to learn how to emote in Mandopop naturally which will be of great help for her(as opposed to aboriginal songs). If nothing goes wrong, getting a 23m or so shouldn’t be a problem.

Xiao Huang Qi 蕭煌奇

A talented man who really has a knack in music. Just look at the classics he composed. Being a good musician helped him a lot in singing where you can see he is able to allow his voice to blend and prevent his voice and music to be immiscible. Even though many know him for Ni Shi Wo De Yan 你是我的眼, I very much prefer his Ah Ma De Hua 阿嬤的話. It is so tears inducing! It just warms up your heart immediately.

There is a very high chance that the producers will pair Bai Chao Luo Meng 白潮洛蒙 with him following his 29m rendition of Ni Shi Wo De Yan. Also, Bai Chao has the warmth in his voice too which is showcased in songs like 天天想你.

Hence, a heartwarming and homely feeling will be portrayed if these 2 were to duet. How warm depends on how much Xiao Huang Qi can lead Bai Chao who needs a bit of training hence to be safe, I predict 22 if Bai Chao don’t up his game but around 27 if Bai Chao succeeds.

So here, these are my bold prediction of the possible combination of duet and the scores they may get (even without hearing the songs they sing). Hope you guys had fun reading and will have a fun time predicting as well! (Share with me!!)

Thanks once again for the rise in readership and I hope I have more to bring onto the plate. I am thinking of doing reviews on Super Idol 超級偶像 soon! So stay tuned and don’t leave after Xing Guang Season 7 ends 🙂


Your Average Critic YAC


Written by Your Average Critic (YAC)

January 17, 2011 at 1:18 pm

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