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超级星光大道 Xing Guang Da Dao: 2010年排行榜(下) Favourite 21 Songs in 2010 (Part 2)

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Its time for the final 5! Which are the best performances?

5th: 許仁杰 康禎庭-檸檬草的味道

I think this is by far the best duet in Xing Guang’s history. Stanly Hsu 許仁杰(Xu Ren Jie) and Connie Kang 康禎庭(Kang Zhen Ting) aced this performance during the All Stars Season and made it their own! I cannot believe this Jolin Tsai 蔡依林’s ballad can be transformed into a duet. I realised Stanly is one who can do duet very very well. Back when he came back as a senior to sing with Rose Liu on Season 5 for the song 復刻回憶, the both of them owned the song too. He can harmonize really well and the best part of him is that he doesnt just harmonize the notes, he harmonize the MUSIC. There is a difference. Connie on the other hand did a brilliant job because she is one singer that catches the feel of the song right from the start and there is no denial that her voice is so stunningly sweet (not the overly diabetic type). I love how many of their original ideas are incorporated into this final product, with many parts being put in to make this song all the more duet-ish. Of course, their looks further add on to the chemistry because they do look together! Don’t you just love the all stars season? =D

4th: 丁噹-我是一隻小小鳥

There is absolutely no reason to exclude this song out of the list. Firstly, I don’t remember Della 丁噹(Ding Dang) looking so pretty so it definitely lit up the screen when she got on. Then she started singing this song, before she sang I was just thinking WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SONG (sorry I don’t know this classic beforehand), but later when she started singing, I didn’t find it very outdated. I mean, despite the song being rather old, she sings it in a more modern style which seems to be more relevant to our time. Technically, no problems at all. Low notes were done with much power and high notes were sung out without losing any of the strength. Of course we know the impressive impactful high note which then set a high note frenzy in Xing Guang 😀 What made this rendition all the more special is the story behind it. Della’s 小小鳥(small bird) was one that seems to have resign to fate that she is just one small bird but deep inside, this small bird is still dreaming, knowing that there is still 0.001% chance of succeeding. This is able to connect so well with listeners especially because Della has been one of the best singers around in her generation but just don’t seem to get the popularity deserved before this performance. I have no idea why is this only 24marks. That one mark lacking was from Xiao Pang who gave a lame reason that she shouldn’t even be competing. Shit

3rd: 邊品憲-寂寞先生

Brian Pian 邊品憲(Bian Pin Xian) always gave me an impression that he can sing but not as good as he looks. Usually good looking people have more to prove I guess. This is a rendition that I love alot despite the flaws. Even though there were occasional mistakes such as singing the wrong lyrics, I can feel what is behind the singing. I heard many versions of this song but I feel Brian’s rendition is one of the best and most apt to what the song depicts. In his voice, you don’t hear the strong loneliness like what Gary Cao 曹格 has. You hear a more subtle loneliness. You can feel that this lonely man doesn’t show the emptiness in him so easily. He appears okay outside, people around him thinks he is really blissful and all but only he knows that deep inside, there is always a part of him that is not filled. He is secretly wishing for me. He is keeping faith. That is why I love his performance so much because it isn’t too over! 😀

2nd: 劉明湘-跟你借的幸福

Another heartfelt performance from Rose Liu 劉明湘(Liu Ming Xiang). The fact that she clinched second for both Season 5 星光5 and the All Stars Season 傳奇賽, you know that this girl is a force to be reckoned with. She sang this song fresh from her break up hence you can feel how she was singing her heart out hence the slightly loss of control in her emotions. Anyway, Rose is really good because she has different voices. I mean different styles of singing in one song which is probably because she idolizes Mariah Carey and M.C has similar styles but Rose managed to fine-tune it to her own and make it sound so fresh in Mandopop. Like in the verse, she uses a softer approach which made her low notes sound so sexy! Also, she is already trying to slowly let loose of her feelings. Then at 1:45 she uses a more forceful way of singing 昨天 跟你借的幸福, that was when the emotions just GUSHED OUT and hit you. This is a much better way because you don’t feel so overwhelmed throughout the whole song. Of course, looking how she is struggling to get a grip of herself and completing the song is just… 😥

1st: 閻奕格-讓一切隨風

It is Janice Yan 閻奕格(Yan Yi Ge) again! Yes she is a legend in Xing Guang history because she is the only PK challenger who won all the PK rounds and also winning the first ever All Stars Season. Despite low viewership for the season, I feel that the All Stars Season managed to give us so many good performances! This performance is also a legend. The video from this season with the most hits in youtube (over one million views)! Just like the judge David Huang, I am usually not a great fan of Canto songs but Janice made this Canto song so pleasant to hear because she added many of her usual styles, singing techniques and packaged it in another way that allows people to have connection with. This is one of the few performances I am going to let you just hear (Oh anyway did another realise the header that has the song title includes a hyperlink?) and judge yourself! You will know why this is the best performance of 2010!

Also, I have two honourable mentions that I feel all of you can listen too even though it isn’t really in any Xing Guang Seasons- it is just in one of Xing Guang’s special chinese new year celebration programme.

Honourable Mention 1: 劉明湘-I still believe

One of Rose’s best performance ever. Easily one of my top 5 favourite performances of entire Xing Guang history.

Honourable Mention 2: 徐佳瑩-該怎麼愛你

One of Lala Hsu’s 徐佳瑩 (Xu Jia Ying) best performance ever too. Heh, also, easily one of my top 5 favourite performances of Xing Guang history too Heh. It is funny how my favourites come from such special programmes. Maybe because they are under less stress so they peform better! But anyway, a short introduction to this girl, Lala is Season 3’s 星光3 winner and also Taiwan Golden Melody 2010 金曲奖 2010’s Best Newcomer 最佳新人獎. You can actually youtube her and hear some of her compositions. Highly recommended: 失落沙洲

Hope you enjoy all these performances as much as I do. Share with me, which are your favourites?

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January 1, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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